side one side two
YELLOW SUBMARINE Pepperland [orchestra music]
ONLY A NORTHERN SONG Sea of Time & Sea of Holes [orchestra music]
ALL TOGETHER NOW Sea of Monsters [orchestra music]
HEY BULLDOG March of the Meanies [orchestra music]
IT'S ALL TOO MUCH Pepperland Laid Waste [orchestra music]
ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE Yellow Submarine in Pepperland [orchestra music]

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Thanks For Visiting And Be Sure To Tell All Your Friends. I have been an avid Beatles' fan since the early 70's. My collection is based upon my private collection of every original released LP in the US. Those who have seen the original records on vinyl will remember some of the albums you no longer see around: "Meet The Beatles"; "Beatles '65"; "Yesterday..and Today!" to name a few. My collection is void of the new CD versions such as "With The Beatles and others which combine 2-3 records. My collection is for your free use to listen and to enjoy. The Album Covers are my actual covers which I copied using my flat-bed scanner. These are also free for your use and if you "RIGHT CLICK" on any Album Cover - you can view the enlarged image.

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